Who We Are

Sunday Worship 11:00AM
Eucharist & Healing 12:45PM

We welcome both members and non-members to be united in marriage or commitment ceremonies at Sunnyvale UCC where approximately 260 out of 365 days a year are sunny and usually not too hot. You are invited to like us on Facebook and/or attend worship services Sunday mornings at 11:00 a.m. to become better acquainted with our church family and philosophy.


Established in 1905, we are one of the oldest churches in Sunnyvale. Our church building, built in 1960, as if for Silicon Valley … was built long before there was one. When built, our church’s visionary architectural design conveyed its progressive theological vision – surrounded by fruit trees and vegetables at the time.


This congregation offers the perfect blend of modernity and formal elegance for weddings and commitment ceremonies whether large or small. We also have a chapel for smaller venues, if desired. Whether or not you are a member of our congregation, you are invited to consider us for the site for your wedding or Holy Union ceremony. There are reduced rates for active members.


We also recognize and perform same gender weddings and commitment ceremonies. The United Church of Christ was the first denomination to ordain an openly gay man to ministry in 1972, and the first to affirm same gender marriage in 2005. One of the reasons Massachusetts was first to recognize same-gender marriages is because in Massachusetts, the United Church of Christ (UCC) is the largest Protestant denomination.


Ceremony Fees


10:00am. $600

12:00 noon $600

2:00 p.m. $1000

4:00 p.m. $1000

6:00 p.m. $1000

7:30 p.m. $1000


Fees for Church Members $500



This fee includes the minister, organist, vocalist, rehearsal, consultation with the minister, candelabras, aisle runner, kneeling bench, and custodial fees.


Required: a non-refundable deposit of $500 to secure a date, an appointment with the officiating minister no later than two months prior to the wedding, and a valid California marriage license.


Not required: church membership or baptismal certificates.


We do not host any receptions onsite but have a list of nearby facilities to recommend. A list of Photographers is also available upon request. Our grounds are perfect for photographs, provided the weather cooperates – which it usually does in Sunnyvale.


Timeframes must be strictly followed because of the volume of weddings at our facility. This is the reason we only use our own ministers and musicians and there are no exceptions. If your party arrives on time, we can assure you a professional wedding with ministers and staff who are used to working together seamlessly to make sure your special day … comes off just the way you planned.


For other meetings and events (no alcohol) contact Ann Tzoumas on 408.739.3285 or via email on churchfacmgr@earthlink.net